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[Cosmetic / Skincare] 9 Types of High Functionality

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[Cosmetic / Skincare] 9 Types of High Functionality


9 types of High Functionality & High Effectivity Dia Tox Ampule

Every active ingredient forms a long lasting powerful Hydrogel Film with effective working and keeping best condition of skin basics.
With forming Hydrogel film, DIATOX provides sufficient moisture to skin and helps to protect its evaporation.

You can create your own formula as blending ingredients by yourself using our sole developed special technology.

  1. Push "A" and spread the active ingredient.
  2. Wait a short while until the ingredient dissolves in the ampoule solution
  3. Shake the container thoroughly to be blended the ingredient and the liquid.
  4. Change "A" to "B", and 2~3 drops apply to face with gentle, fingertip massaging motions using dropper "B".

Anti Aging DIATOX [Functional]
This stuff provides sufficient nutrient and moisture to the wrinkled and loose aging skin that is lessened collagen, elastin as well as its hydration ability. A recipe secretly handed down in the royal family will give you a vital and soft skin like a noble Queen's.

Whitening DIATOX [Functional]
Adding special Oriental herb extract to the recipe secretly handed down in the royal family, this stuff lessens melasma or freckles caused by ultraviolet rays, and hold back
the generating of melanin pigment. It will give you a bright and clear skin.

Purifying DIATOX
With a recipe secretly handed down in the royal family, this stuff purifies the aging dull skin from wastes, dead cells or toxins promoting a self-cycling ability of the skin.

With a recipe secretly handed down in the royal family, this stuff permeates into skin deep and promotes cell differentiation in dermis. It will smooth every wrinkle and fine line and give you a younger-looking skin.

Wild Ginseng DIATOX
Wild Ginseng is well known substance since long time ago to invigorate exhausted skin damaged by ultraviolet rays or stress. Permeating into the skin deep and romoting
skin turn-over, it will give you a healthy and vital skin.

Nano Liposome Vitamin-C DIATOX
Holding the oxidation of melanin, this stuff will give you a bright, clean skin like a noble Queen's.

This stuff provides enriched collagen to the skin deep, and will give you a well hydrated and younger-looking skin.

Soothing DIATOX
This stuff, soothing sensitive troubled skin with its sufficient nutrients and moisture, give you a clear, smooth skin like a like a noble Queen's.

Moisture DIATOX
This stuff, promoting the moisture holding capacity of skin as well as providing enough moisture to skin, give you an elegant, refined skin like the morning due.